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  • Touching Lives

    We seek to go past identifying the problems, we aim to be part of the solution

  • Small Efforts go a long way

    We do what we can with what we have to create the difference we want to see.

  • Thank You!

    We can not do what we do without all your support and generosity

  • Reducing Pain and Suffering
    Raising Champions

    We endeavour to do good even to those who may never know us by name

Welcome to TLAF

Welcome to CICSE

Touching Lives Africa Foundation is an organization formulated in 2016 with the main goal being to alleviate the plight of the vulnerable in the communities of Zimbabwe. The organization started off as a humanitarian emergency rescue program called Touching Lives Initiative which would identify needs in communities then mobilise local resources to meet the needs. The needs ranged from food, clothing, medical and education assistance for institutions as well as individual families.