About Us

Who We Are

Touching Lives Africa Foundation is an organization formulated in 2016 with the main goal being to alleviate the plight of the vulnerable in the communities of Zimbabwe. The organization started off as a humanitarian emergency rescue program called Touching Lives Initiative which would identify needs in communities then mobilise local resources to meet the needs. The needs ranged from food, clothing, medical and education assistance for institutions as well as individual families. This was done through mobilizing volunteers in various communities as well as appealing to individuals and corporates to donate towards the causes that would have been identified. An initiative that started as a way of celebrating one’s birthday has now become a fully-fledged registered trust to increase accountability and governance around the interventions we make.


To have communities where the disadvantaged and vulnerable are economically and socially strengthened to take control of their own lives. 


We are committed to building vibrant, self-reliant and determined communities where vulnerable people are able to take control of their lives through manageable and sustainable economic and social projects.


  • Transparency - In the collaboration with partner organizations and in the external communication we pay attention to transparency, based on mutual trust.
  • Integrity - we ensure that honesty and ethical standards are upheld in our operations ensuring the longevity of our organization’s reputation.
  • Sustainability - we are committed to development that meets present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own survival needs.
  • Collaboration - We value the efforts and input of our partners as strive to leverage on the strengths and diversity of our teams in our quest to serve humanity wholesomely.
  • Accountability - we strive to ensure efficient use of resources to ensure their deployment bring tangible and measurable results by remain accountable to our stakeholders and partners.
  • Creativity - we are creative solution providers and are therefore open to new ideas, methods that ensure people get the help they need without delay.
  • Human Rights - our service to humanity is premised on the fact that every human being has rights they need to access for survival and development.