Current Activities

We are involved in the following forms of assistance.

  • Food assistance – this has been mostly through non-perishable foods.
  • Clothing Assistance – we receive used clothes and donate them to the needy beneficiaries.
  • Medical and Sanitary Assistance – this is in the form of “over the counter” medications such as pain killers, cough syrups etc. We have also worked on helping women and girls with access to sanitary pads. This has been done under the #PadShopper Initiative which is alluded to later in this profile.
  • Education Assistance – we have mobilized for books and other forms of stationery to help school going children and other schools that are struggling to provide children with such important material. We have also paid school fees for some vulnerable children. We hope to increase this outreach to cover more children in needy situations.
  • Training – we have done seminars and workshops for a wide spectrum of disadvantaged people to help them gain life skills to be able to turnaround their own fortunes. Such courses as entrepreneurship skills, confidence building and general personal development have been well received by the populace.