Future Activities

We hope to be able to work with identified institutions (homes, schools etc.) as well as community leaders to come up with long term sustainable projects that will help people move out of poverty.  Some of the intended projects include:

  • Re-usable Sanitary Pads – We would like to empower communities especially women and girls to make their own sanitary pads thereby giving them total control of their own health and welfare.
  • Agro based Projects – such as poultry and animal husbandry as well as crops and vegetable production.
  • Vocation Projects – we hope to give people skills such as sewing, knitting, hair dressing etc. so that they can open up small businesses as we mentor and guide them.
  • Other Projects – this will be based on study of viability of such projects as well as willingness on the part of the beneficiaries to embark on such projects. We will not dictate what the communities can do but we will work with them to ensure they buy into projects that benefit them in the medium to long term.