PadShopper Initiative

One of our flagship initiatives is the #PadShopper initiative which we started with the goal to reach out to girls in vulnerable communities around the country. Girls in and out of school struggle to access sanitary pads resulting in them resorting to unhygienic practices such as using leaves, newspapers, cow dung and any such objects that they feel can absorb the menstrual flow. Over and above the other issues that we cover, this has become our key focus area.

To date we have helped over 6,000 girls in schools around the country wherever we have hubs and representation. Donations have been made directly through Touching Lives or through other partners that are also in the same space and having a wider and deeper rural reach such as ZiMwana Trust and Girls-R-Us. We continue to mobilise resources towards this initiative.

Over and above the pads that are used once, we are also involved in research towards re-usable pads and other alternatives such as sanitary cups which are taking a while to be adopted. We would like to ensure that we have a sustainable way of assisting girls.